In contrast to the flurry of short-priced morals last Sunday, Sha Tin looks a little bit more open today but a search for value is the way our Hong Kong man prefers it.

All hands are back on deck, with Joao Moreira, Zac Purton and the apprentice whiz kid Matthew Poon back in action, although Chad Schofield has stood down after still feeling the effects of his fall at Happy Valley midweek and he has handed up some nice rides too.


Purton will be one of the beneficiaries of Schofield’s misfortune, replacing him on Sichuan Boss in the fifth, while Keith Yeung gets the another strong hope from him, Super Junior in the sixth.

Moreira, as ever, has a tremendous book of rides, with Beat the Clock the likely favourite in the feature, race seven, despite strong danger Limitless being the overnight money back favourite.

“The owner of Limitless is well known to bet well and bet early although usually he plonks his cash down an hour or two before the race and distorts the market then. This time, he seems to have put his bet down on Saturday afternoon and the best guess from the pool figures would be he had probably bet $1 million of the $1.1 million in the pool at 6pm last night,” said our man. “That market will change shape considerably by race time and expect Beat the Clock to be the favourite when they jump, even though he hasn’t raced for three months.”


Moreira also rides an interesting newcomer, Master Albert, who created a lot of interest in Australia where he ran as Albert Of Clonmel and was unbeaten in two starts.

“He has trialed very well  but it’s no easy task winning first time out in Hong Kong in Class Three or above – at the 3.0 he is this morning, I’d be taking him on,” out man said. “For a best bet, probably I want to be on Encore Boy in the first but it will be all about the price because he is 2.2 this morning and that’s short enough.”

Last weekend’s Sha Tin set yielded a 53 unit win on a 94 unit outlay to open the month of June well after winning 107 units in May, and the scoreline stands at +275 units for 2017, or just over 22 per cent on the outlay.