12Follow Pty Ltd advises that its business activities will be significantly scaled back as of July 1, 2017.

The company will cease its sale of ‘externally-sourced racing products’ – ie racing tipping services provided by our astute stable of professional punters – on Friday June 30, 2017.

Customers currently subscribed to any products affected will receive an email detailing cancellation and any applicable refund arrangements that need to be made.

12Follow thanks all professional punters and external providers who have contributed to the success of the business. We wish them every future success and will be referring all clients to their private operations (where applicable) by the end of this week.

12Follow’s flagship racing products will remain active. These include: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Saturday Tips; Super Six; Daily Shots; There They Are ($10 each); Punters Bible ($20).

12Follow encourages all customers to continue their involvement with the tipsters and can access them privately via the avenues below.

Aaron Barby: Twitter @baronaarby

Warren Huntly: Twitter @WarrenHuntly

John McLeod: macbet.com.au, Twitter @macbetjohn, Facebook @MacBetRacing

Darren Potter: darrenpotterraceassessments.com.au

Mark Rhoden: Twitter @cotchinsoda

StatsBet: statsbet@bigpond.com

John Walter: racingwatch.com.au, Twitter @j_walter23, Facebook @RacingWatch

Matt Welsh: Twitter @themodernpunter